Hanuman actor's mask

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Object :
Hanuman actor's mask
Art style :
Material  :
Metal, pearl, Smuk and decorated with glass
Size :
26.7 cm. high, 23.3 cm wide
Era age :
ca.24th century B.E.
ลัFeature :
Monkey king Hanuman the monkey or the ape leader. One of the main characters in the Ramayana. Face mask monkey open mouth, decorated with real pearl instead white body color, baldness, a diamond canines in the middle of the palate, wear the crown. In addition, there are various forms of Hanuman head to the scene as if it is in the crown episode (Volunteer Rama Ravana temptations). Hanuman head will wearing the crown with Yod Karb Dern Hon Jada rr at govern a  city as the Yod Chai crown. Hanuman, chief of Rama had white body skin cause as an albino monkey.
This Hanuman actor's mask decorate with Mook Fire (Turbo argyrostomus) with refined beautiful workmanship. Counted as wonderful piece of art and antiques, the type of national art piece. Presumed to be a work of art during the reign of King Rama II, since the golden age of the art of music, arts and literature
History :
Belongs to originally in Bangkok National Museum.
Venue :
Bangkok  National Museum
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