Since 1913, the Division of Archaeology, Fine Arts Department has conducted the survey,excavation and restoration of ancient city of Sukhothai. The artifacts were found. Therefore the Government considers that it should create a national museum in the ancient city of Sukhothai to preserve the cultural heritage of the nation and an important exhibit to publish further studies.
          In 1960-1963, Fine Arts Department performed the construction of the National Museum, in the ancient city of Sukhothai on the east area, to be 2 floor building in Thai practical styl built by using government budget contributions to public donations. This National Museum has named official "Ramkhamhaeng National Museum" established under the name of King Ramkhamhaeng sires parents Sukhothai in the early 19th century BE.
          Who designed museum building was Miss Junladda  Boonmanop, the architecture in Architect Division of the Department of Fine Arts.  Most of the artifacts on display from the excavation restoration in the ancient town of Sukhothai and Ancient town nearby. The other parts is that the ancient religious artifactsthat  Phra Borarn Watthajarn (Phra Rach Phrasithikun), former abbot and primate of the  province permited to move from a museum in the capital is preserved and exhibited in the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. M.C. Suphattaradis  Dissakul, doctoral curatorial of Archaeological Division and Mr. Tipa Sungkhawattana, Mechanic Arts of Archaeological Division, the Fine Arts Department exhibited artifacts taken by scholar to be the national museum of archaeology, history and history of art truly.
          His majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej And Queen Sirikit presided over the opening ceremony Ramkhamhaeng National Museum on  January 25, 1964.
          Later, the anniversary of 700 years of Thai fonts in 1983, the government has undertaken construction "Memorial Building of Thai Fonts" to celebrate such agenda and Exhibits on the establishment of Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, the exhibitions of Past and Present of Sukhothai., present an overview of the various aspects of the rule of Sukhothai culture and attractions of downtown including the development of the ancient city of Sukhothai Historical Park until has been praised from UNESCO.to be a  heritage with the ancient city of Srisuchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet, inside the building are also available to visitors, ticket fees and scholarly books.
          The opening ceremony by  Somdej Phra Borom Orasathiraj, HRH Crown Prince of Thailand was presided on November 17, 1983

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