Brass Female Doll

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Object :
Brass Female Doll
Art style :
Ratanakosin Art
Material : 
Size :
33 cm height
Era age :
Characteristics :
Brass doll is pegged with Phan Pruksa (flower garden) pattern. She has a brass plate hanging on her hand stepping on the earth picture decorated with Phan Pruksa pattern. The doll is placed on a curved brass base decorated with Phan Pruksa pattern.
Current :
Broken with trace of repair, the screw between doll and base is removed
History :
Given by Mrs.Wanee Witthikarn (address No.128, Kanyasiri, Ruangrit Charoon Road, Muang District, Satun Province, on 2 June 2000 (2543 B.E.)
Presented at :
Satun National Museum, Satun

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