Coffee Cup

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Object :
Coffee Cup
Art style :
Ratanakosin Art (European style)
Material : 
Size :
7 cm mouth width and 6 cm height, and (saucer) 12.5 cm mouth width and 1.5 cm height
Era age :
late 25th Buddhist century
Characteristics :
The handle of this coffee cup is in the shape of twig appearing the leaf on the surface of the cup. There is Chinese alphabet carving on both side of the cup. The inside surface of  the saucer is white while the outside is brown.
Current :
in good condition
History :
given by Mr.Kiattisak Ungsupanit, address No.197-199, Hattakam Suksa Road, Piman Sub-district, Muang District, Satun Province
Presented at :
Satun National Museum, Satun

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