Brass Kettle

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Object :
Brass Kettle
Art style :
Ratanakosin Art
Material : 
Size :
9.5 cm mouth width and 25 cm height
Era age :
Characteristics :
The handle of brass kettle appears the bunch of vine pattern at the upper part. There is a handle bottle at the cover. The bunch of vine pattern is also perforated throughout the base of handle connecting to the spout.
Current :
broken, distorted and penetrated cover, broken cover button, trace of repair
History :
given by Mr.Pluem – Mrs.Jinda Srihiran (address No.139, Sawat Phumminart Road, Muang District, Satun Province) on 2 June 2000 (2543 B.E.)
Presented at :
Satun National Museum, Satun

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