Plate with Foot (Jagged Edge)

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Object :
Plate with Foot (Jagged Edge)
Art style :
Ratanakosin Art
Material : 
Size :
18.5 cm mouth width and 7.8 cm height
Era age :
late 25th Buddhist century
Characteristics :
Plate with foot is drawn with yellow, green, white, and red to be flower and tree patterns. It is divided into eight parts of petals. The middle one is peony. The upper edges are jagged. The outside surface is green. The lower base appears flower pattern in the alternate green and red. The bottom is stamped with Chinese alphabet
broken, crack at some parts of edge
History :
given by Mrs. Permsuk Na Nakhon, address No.113, Satun Thani Road, Piman Sub-district, Muang District, Satun Province
Presented at :
Satun National Museum, Satun

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